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Tax calculator currently being updated to reflect changes to mortgage interest rules


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e.g if you spent 3000 on furniture enter 3000 here, the wizard will calculate your capital allowance. Note only applicable for capital items purchased since 2002

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(12.5% per anum)

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Taxable Rental Income:

Estimated Income Tax & Levies

(assuming a 41% tax rate + 5% PRSI & levies)**:

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*it is not possible to claim for your own time, for example, cutting the grass

**Please note this calculator is provided as a guide only. It is not a replacement for independent financial advise. Every person's individual tax situation will be different depending on income from other sources such as employment, shares, section 23 type allowances etc While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator we accept absolutely no responsibility for any inconsistencies or errors.